I passed the California Staff Services Analyst (General) Transfer test. I know I don't have a degree, and given the money situation, may never get one. But I passed one of the 2 tests that gives me some options (this one is a more FORWARD option, monetarily). The other one would be a POST test for Dispatching. Basically a full fledged 911 operator, or Public Safety officer.

Now... to find an option that doesn't involve me driving over 50 miles from home daily...

It's that or I throw off the fake monkey suit and get back to REAL work again lol.

An Open Letter to EBay Sellers

To Whom It May Concern:

You're a moron.

No, really. Selling an item that is readily available for $0.05 under retail is not doing anyone any favours. Please note as well, that if you do not give FREE shipping with that, that makes you a moron and the purchaser even worse.

Good Day.

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CrossPost to my DeviantArt

* Listening to: Lord of Chaos
* Reading: my notes on the warehouse
* Watching: half the inside of my eyelids, half wife painting.
* Playing: the Fool
* Eating: too much
* Drinking: more water

Well, it has been a very busy 2 months. I have to upload and update.
- I am planning a calendar
- I am trying to do JUST line work, without worrying about shading, etc.
- I am making a cartoon image for a coworker
- I have been moved back to the Field.
- I have the opportunity to either go to run the South Bay Region Maintenance Warehouse in San Jose, or go back to Graveyard Emergency Radio Room. If I lived closer to Oakland, that is the highest viable option; Time-wise, SJ is. Though they do not permit the de-stress work (aka drawing/ doodling).

I would like to work on my colour work more lately, and have been working more on composition (will upload a pic that I adapted from my old Drawing from the Masters). My lines and shading have greatly altered, and I've been flexing quite a bit more with markers (just common black sharpies).

The kaotic spasmodic episodes that appear to have been roiling have disrupted my flow. I keep working to find a balance. I just feel kinda... forlorn, forsaken, and foreboding. Just kinda alone, and going the wrong direction for my health and mental well being. I get such a charge out of the art stuff, even talking about it. Honestly, I'm doing better, but I am running a gauntlet, and am nowhere near proud of my work.

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Farrah Fawcett was a good person all her life. When she died, she was allowed to make one wish.
"I wish... all the children of the world could be safe and happy!"
Did you notice Michael Jackson died THAT SAME DAY?
Since Michael Jackson has been reconfigured of 90% plastic, in his will it is a requirement that he comes back as LEGOs- so children get a chance to play with HIM for a change!
Also stipulated in his Will is that he is an organ donor, so that he could be inside a child forever.